Spring 2018 update!

What we’ve done so far

Clearing debris
Repairing roof leaks
Scraping / painting walls
Replacing / repairing floors
Removing hazards (hanging metals and other unsafe structures)
Facilitating kitchen and bathrooms
Repairing stage
Disconnecting / removing old gas pipes
Electric cabling
Installing lights / safety lights
Building new wall partitions / plastering walls
Dismantling / demolishing rotten roofs and ceilings
Replacing / repairing suspended ceiling
Repairing main hall parquet
Clearing / Renewing garden
Recycling almost all the material found in the building (some removed for bad condition)
and more…

Work still to be done

Repairing / replacing gutters
Repairing outside broken wall
Remove / Re-Use all four metal safes
Clear about 15 years of debris currently stored in the old cellars (SKIP required)

….and more….

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